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We are fueling the future in Jordan

Gulf energies is an Oil and Gas business with refinery and petrochemical facilities in the gulf area.

Why Gulf Energies?

High Quality Products

We produce the highest quality petro-materials, thanks to our new facilities

Enhanced Flexibility

Gulf energies have the ability to cater products based on the requirements of clients in the petrochemical and refining sector.

Reduced Costs

We produce the highest quality with cheaper prices comparing to our competitors.

Safe Environment

Our ultimate goal is to get the highest production with the highest standards in a safe environment for employees, public, and environment with minimum incidents and pollution.

What Sets Us Apart From the Rest?

  • Companies are facing issues in maintaining profitability in the current downturn in Jordan. However, Gulf Energies could continue our production with the same standards just because our clients believed in us.
  • Gulf Energies is offering flexibility in the spec of the material, due to the unique design of our plants.
  • Gulf Energies is currently growing in upstream, mid-stream and downstream sectors with so much opportunities to grow.

Finding something interesting?

Do you need specific petrochemicals?

Contact us to discuss your requirements and we will be happy to assist you!

Are you looking for high or low volume of a specific petrochemical?

We are flexible in production and we can manage to produce any volume.

Do you want the product to be delivered to any part of the world?

We can manage to ship it overseas.